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It is our contention that the ever increasing levels of global indebtedness and the unprecedented monetary experiment underway to attenuate it, are unsustainable. One day these historic anomalies will have to be resolved and we think of that moment as the “Eschaton

About Us

Eschaton Opportunities Fund

We have named our new partnership Eschaton Opportunities Fund LP to draw attention to our primary organizing principal.  "Eschaton" (from Greek Eskaton) in the New Testament is the Day of Reckoning, the Judgment Day. 

Though today complacency reigns, we believe the era of massive global debt growth and monetary stimulus is nearing its climax.  The resulting financial dislocations will be large and surprisingly under appreciated, providing prepared and patient value investors a unique opportunity to profit. Eschaton Opportunities Funds intend to take advantage of such opportunities by continuing our legacy of outstanding stock selection supplemented by our new expertise in options and distressed debt.


•  Experienced team led by Portfolio Manager William W. Strong, who       has over 42 years of Wall Street experience, including 36 years of         fundamental, global value investing experience

•  Outstanding track record

•  Long term investment horizon

•  Opportunistic investment mandate across different asset classes

•  Investment strategy to generate uncorrelated returns

•  Limit the fund AUM permits ownership of small caps

•  Partners are investing the majority of their liquid net worth in the           Funds

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305-925-0420   |

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701 Brickell Avenue Suite 1620,

Miami, FL 33131


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